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Hi, I'm Siggy, I'm 26 (will be 27 in 2 weeks), I live in Orange County, California, and am on Disability for bipolar disorder and PTSD. My boyfriend, who I live with (he moved me out here from Connecticut), has Asperger's and works 2 jobs, about 70 hours a week. Between our two incomes we make ends meet okay but I remember being incarcerated in a mental insitution because I had no source of income (I was denied Disability three times) and no place to go. I was diagnosed with BP at age 22 and spent the past 4 years in and out of hospitals and group homes. After coming out to California in December I totally stopped taking my psych meds because of the horrendous physical and mental side effects. My tremors have finally stopped but I am still getting the "zaps" (I was on a cocktail of 7+ meds), and I have some mildly severe cognitive blunting from the medication. For example, my thoughts are very scattered and it is difficult for me to talk and put my words together coherently.

Today I was at Planned Parenthood taking a pregnancy test. When I first went to Planned Parenthood in December for my Depo-Provera shot, I had to list the medications I just stopped because we didn't know if there would be any interactions. Today after my test I had a clinician tell me if I didn't go back on my medications they would no longer treat me at Planned Parenthood. She shoved a piece of paper with counseling numbers on it in my face and totally disregarded everything I said to her.

When I see my primary care physician for the first time I am apparently going to have to lie about having BP, because otherwise it will be her "duty" to prescribe (and monitor) meds, and possibly call in a 5150 for me daring to be off meds and not hospitalized.

I think it's illegal for them to deny me treatment for my refusal to take psychiatric medications, and I smell a lawsuit coming.
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