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So, I'm new to these sites and I'm new to certain diagnoses. I was diagnosed with Anorexia at 12 (I'm 27), bulimia at 19 and bipolar I and Generalized Anxiety Disorder at 25. If I can keep my anxiety and mood under control, the other two fall into place. I'm on Topamax, Lamictal and Effexor XR. Lamictal was a wonder drug for me. My moods were so severe, I needed two mood stabilizers. Topamax was just making me foggy and forgetful, but helped with stabilization. The Lamictal picked me up and the pieces fell  into place. Effexor took the edge off the anxiety and here I am living life. All I know about meds: WE CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT THEM. I go downhill within a week. I'm shell of myself and seriously contemplating suicide (I'm not manic, but depressive in those states).
As far as gov't aid: Disability is a great option. I went on it once already. if you don't have insurance, go to a clinic. They have psychiatrists who can make you eligible. The government will give you the time you need and if you have been at your job for more than a year, by law, they have to as well.
If your situation is more serious, seek out charity care. Charity care will usually pick up the complete tab for someone to do at least IOP and pay for meds if they meet the financial criteria, which varies from state to state. It can last as long as 6-8 months, which will allow you to really get back on your feet. They will allow you to go to state hospitals, which usually have very competant IOP programs.
Finally, welfare is always an option. Welfare will provide you with medicaid. I stress this because MEDICINE IS A PRIORITY FOR PEOPLE WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER. They will also be very flexible with work situations if you are seeking IOP treatment. I am in NJ. If anyone has any more specific questions related to this state, please reach out. I will do my best to help you.
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