tawna (tawna) wrote in spiralpauper,

Working while on SSI

Greetings. For the past few years, I have been living on SSI. I would like to someday become independent of such Federal assistance and pursue a career in video games.

Would any of you happen to know if there might be a way for me to work temporary full-time jobs and still receive SSI?

In August, I accepted a full-time job as a QA tester for Disney Interactive, and I worked at it for a couple of weeks, only to get let go, and then later, I encountered problems with Social Security-- I got mail saying I earn too much to receive benefits, and I got mail telling me to pay for over-payment. I now fight to stay on SSI.

I would like to pursue the career of my dreams, but I worry about the only jobs available for me being full-time and temporary.
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